Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The First Post

It has come to my attention that the New Zealand media have a habit of taking themselves far too seriously.  They even think the public may just keep in their heads those potential Pulitzer prize winning pieces more than thirty seconds.

The recent Canon Awards were a pivotal example of the mediocrity and banal existence of the very few who feel they should have the power to inform the public.  John Campbell and the faux tears another example. He came and went and well, life goes on.  We still have Mike Hosking and if he dies from overexposure to hair dye - Jeremy Wells.

New Zealand media have so much become the news and in doing so forgotten their only role which is to report on it.

Here at "New Zealand's Got Talent - the Media Edition" I wish to shine a light on some of the finer works of well-known New Zealand columnists, bloggers and journalists that perhaps did not make the final cut of their Canon entries.  Goodness knows why, some of them were rather superb.  I cannot confirm or deny that they were received from hacked sources but there is a distinct waft of fish attached to some of them that have come into my inbox, or was it letterbox from a super untraceable USB stick.

So enjoy as I show you that the New Zealand media really does have talent.

They just didn't know where to look.